Bound 2 ReImagined As A Children’s Book

Zak Tebbal is sort of a genius.  Working off of a prompt “to take an important piece of art and translate it into another medium,” this senior design student at the School of Visual Arts decided that Kanye‘s iconic “Bound 2” music video would make the perfect children’s book.

In Bound2Gether, Kanye plays, well, the Kanye he sees in the mirror


While Kim plays a literal chick


Obviously, like any good story, drama unfolds.  Even though Kim was totally Kanye’s favorite chick, he just couldn’t stop himself from touching up on other chickens.


Obviously Kim got super mad and ran away from Kanye, because let’s be real, he may be the coolest kid in town, but she’s the cutest chick around: bae’s got options.

As soon as Kanye realized Kim was gone, he knew he’d messed up and needed to fix things so he started searching all night, and all day.  And, spoiler alert: at the end of book, not only does Kanye find Kim, but he also learns an important lesson:


Let’s say it together: LOL.  Clearly a message our children need to be learning ASAP.

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