Kim’s Baby Is A…

Earlier this month, we found out that selfie queen Kim was preggo with another little Kardash/West bun in the oven but we just discovered some really interesting news that everyone’s been dying to know. Mrs.West took to her Twitter page this morning to silence some of the circulating rumors about her much buzzed about pregnancy. Turns out, she is carrying her own baby, and is not having twins. She also said that they, “have not told anyone the sex of our baby yet!” This was followed by another tweet that read, “Nothing is confirmed unless you hear it from me!”

Even though those tweets came straight from the baby mamma herself, US Weekly published an article reporting that Yeezy and Kim are expecting a little brother for their two year old Nori. Yes, Kim has shot down some of these rumors, but they’re circulating all over the internet so who knows if they’re true or not. Whatever the case may be, we’re happily offering name suggestions for the little West on the way.

The Best Baby Names for Baby West:

1. Key West

It would stay a kin to the “K”s of the Kardash klan and would be easy to remember right?

2. South West

The uber chic parents really have a thing for directions for some reason.

3. Kanye West Jr.

Cuz who loves Kanye more than Kanye?

4. Robert West

After Kim’s dad and estranged brother Rob.

5. Kaitlyn West

We know the baby’s sex, but not the gender.


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