What The Kimoji App Says About 2015

Seems as though Kim K. is breaking the internet again, this time with her new Kimoji App. Yep, you can now download an app that gives you a string of Kim K-related emojis to liven up your text messages. However, you may need to wait just a bit, since the Apple Store broke for awhile due to the insane amount of people trying to download it at once. Apparently people need Kim K to express how they really feel.


From a contoured Kim face to her butt to her famous mirror selfie and more, these emojis, designed by Kim herself truly portray all that is Kim K and all that is iconic in 2015. Say what you will about the Kardashian clan, they have an influence on pop culture that no one else can touch. The most trending items, phrases, looks, images, etc of 2015 can all be traced back to one or more of the Kardashian clan. You go girls.

If one needs to know what 2015 was all about all they need do is check out what emoticons are featured in the Kimoji app.

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