Kimbra Reveals What She Thinks Of American Men

If your only knowledge of New Zealand songstress Kimbra is her Grammy winning crooning in ‘Somebody That I Used to Know,” you have a lot to learn. Kimbra released her latest album, Golden Echo in August, and is currently storming the U.S. on her headlining tour with futuristic stage apparel and an accent to make anyone swoon. We chatted about boys & boys & boys.


Photographs by Thomas Kerr

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
There is a lot of crazy art, like really strange depictions of me in these interesting painted settings. It’s really fun to see what they come up with. Theres’ been a few weird things…I’ve started getting little Kimbra dolls. It’s kind of an odd thing to receive, a doll of yourself. It’ s a bit strange, but flattering.

What’s your least favorite thing about American guys?
I think my least favorite thing is when they’re too forward, you know what I mean? Where I’m from I think people take a bit more time, they don’t put it all out there at once, they play a little hard to get which can be annoying as well. But if I’m with an American guy they’re very forward about what they want and what they think about things and it can be a good thing, but also sometimes I find it a little bit overwhelming because it’s nice to have a bit of a build up with someone and get to know them slowly.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of other sexy musicians, is there ever any sexual tension?
Oh man, I can’t give away too much on that one I don’t think. It’s an intimate exchange whenever you’re making music with someone because you have to become vulnerable in order to make music with them. I think that’s always an unwritten rule in songwriting to try and keep those two lines very clear but, what happens in the studio stays in the studio.


Have you written songs about guys you are dating before?
You always draw on your own experiences. I think more often I kind of pull from a personal experience and then find a way to place it in an alter reality, put it in a different world, maybe exaggerating it in a big way like the song ‘Settle Down’ for example, or even ’90’s music’ was about having these memories and remembering that time but then putting it in a very extreme scenario and playing out a new story around something that was personal. And of course you have relationships with people that bleed into your music, but I personally don’t write like “this is about this one person” I like to kind of dress it up in a new way and kind of create a new story out of it.

What’s your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Just vegging out and watching Family Guy for hours.

What’s the last thing that you purchased?
Before I left for tour I bought a bunch of Make Up Forever products and re-vamped my makeup collection, I don’t really get much time to shop while on tour.

How did you celebrate the release of your latest album?
I remember we stayed up all night finishing the album, and my first time hearing it fully, I decided to paint with water colors while listening to it.

Favorite personal feature?
My big lips, it’s easy to just add a bold lip to dress up any outfit

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