Kim Kardasian, North West & Kanye West Pulled Off The Best Photobomb EVER

Here’s some non cringe-inducing Kardashian news. A lady posed with her baby for a photo at lunch, unaware that the royal family of reality TV was seated right behind her. The best part is that none of the people pictured seem to understand the epic-ness being made within the snapshot.


Ye is derping (peep the side-boob), Kim is bringing it (as usual), and North looks (as always) like she’s about to cry or just got done crying. The mamma and bouncing babe at the center of the photo are having a grand ol’ time chowing on sushi and don’t give a crud that the Kardashian-Wests are enjoying their own California rolls 10 feet away. What else does one expect when they lunch at Nobu?

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