Get Sporty-Chic Like Black Scale Women’s Designer Kim Matulova

Being sporty-chic is art form, and Black Scale women’s designer Kim Matulova has perfected it. From knowing when it’s appropriate to switch your sneakers out with heels to bringing girl power to an all male streetwear brand, Kim’s hit the nail right on its tomboy head. Get her look, below!


Vfiles Sport Plus TopVfiles Sport Plus Shorts, Bernard Wilhelm Robe & Buscemi Sneakers

You have amazing style! How do you balance the tomboy chic vibe with your summer looks?

I feel like in the summer you’ve always gotta be prepared, you never know what party you’ll end up at after work or if a random bike ride to Coney Island will ensue. Keeping it simple with pieces that transition easily are the way to go.

What is a fashion staple you can’t live without?

Expensive and well made shoes. I’ll wear whatever for clothing and carry any old bag, but the shoes always have to be on point.

What is your go to look when you skate? 

My pair of sneakers that are okay to mess up and a small SUPREME camera bag I use as a purse.

Tell us about your work with the menswear company BlackScale, how does your personal style influence your designs?

In 2012 I headed up designing the women’s line for Black Scale, which was formerly a men’s only streetwear brand. My personal style is a mix of extreme opposites. I have my ultra feminine side but can also flip it and completely dress like a boy, I always seem to be balancing that in my designs, the goddess and thug. Creating a women’s line that could hang with the guys came natural.

You’ve been modeling since you were a teen, what’s a trend you hope doesn’t come back?

Haha, well I think I never want to see over tweezed eyebrows come back. Thick and strong brows are everything.

What do you own more of, sneakers or heels? 

Hmmm… I really have a deep passion for both, it’s probably an equal toss up of how many pairs I have. But I do have some favorite heels that are more comfortable than my Jordan’s.


H&M Jeans Ricardo Tisci for Nike Sneakers


ASSK SunglassesBlack Scale Women’s Tank, Levi’s ShortsBuscemi Sneakers


Vfiles Sport Plus Top, Vfiles Sport Plus Socks & Doc Martens Sandals


Vfiles Sport Plus Top, Vfiles Sport Plus Socks & Doc Martens Sandals


Kangol HatMaria Ke Fisherman Skirt & Buscemi Sneakers


Vfiles Sport Plus Bra & Shorts


Fashion Editor: Rose Garcia

Photographer: Jason Rodgers

Hairstylist: Aut Sivongxay

Makeup: Javier Romero

Model: Kim Matulova


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