Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl Sunday Selfies For T. Mobile

As with most Kim Kardashian publicity stunts, her T.Mobile Super Bowl ad was released before the big day. Whether you love her or hate her, you gotta love her willingness to make fun of herself(ies). Kim K. urges cell phone users to stop losing their unused data to their carrier and losing more time that they could spend checking out her outfits, makeup, and vacations (all revolving around her ass of course). Check out the ad so that you’ll be a pro on it by Sunday, and check out some of Kim K’s best selfies below.

While we do love your selfies Kim, who the f*** really has T.Mobile?

1. The “I Have Nothing To Wear” Selfie


2. The Photo-bombed Selfie


3. The “Cropping Out My Kid” Selfie


4. The Selfie Heard Round The World


5. The Animal Friendly Selfie


6. The Belfie


7. The Forced Couple Selfie


8. The Product Placement Selfie


9. The Basic Bitch Selfie


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