Kim’s More Embarrassed By 1 Movie Scene Than Anything Else She’s Done

Embarrassing moments are kind of like Pokemon — the longer you play the game of life, the more you end up catching them all.

And while Kim Kardashian, having spent the majority of her life in the public eye, has a few embarrassing moments she could choose to be most mortified of, the one she’ll never get over is her brief acting career.

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Specifically, that time she made a cameo in 2000s spoof film “Disaster Movie” and got crushed by a meteorite because she “had a bad feeling.”

“I’m mortified,” Kim confessed, “If you have the clip. I can’t watch.”

Well, bad news Kim, we do have the clip, so cover your ears and close your eyes for the next fifteen seconds.

This intel all came out during Kim Kardashian’s appearance on a new NBC show called “Big Fan” which answers the age-old question, who knows more about celebrities, themselves or the super fans who obsessively follow their every move?

How Kim K chose this moment rather than the time she actually posed for pictures with a PortaPotty will remain a mystery of the ages, but then again, appearing in a cheesy 00s spoof film which has a 1% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes is pretty mortifying.


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