Kim Kardashian Is Producing A Mental Illness Documentary


Kim Kardashian West is notoriously depicted as the woman who has it all, but doesn’t actually do anything to get it. For the past year or so she has worked on redefining herself as well as her look—notice the skin tight, knee-length dresses accentuated by Balmain heels.

Except this time, she’s not only polishing her personal life, but intends to help others do the same.

Kardashian is to release, on May 5th, a new documentary with host Dr. Drew for HLN about mental health. As an executive producer, she intends to shed light on the increasing 25% of Americans who suffer from a mental illness by using social media as a form of comfort instead of belittlement.

Even though she is “blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that are loving and nurturing,” there still are people who don’t have “that kind of support.” The new documentary will track two adults channeling their recovery through social media as a way to gain support and form a community to relieve their solemnness.

Who doesn’t want their selfies appreciated?

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