Kim Kardashian Is Having A Baby In A Month And This Is Her Best Outfit Yet

Once upon a time, when I was young and full of principles, I wasn’t so into the idea of Kim Kardashian.  I saw her as the most famous of all the selfie snapping rich bitches in LA, and I couldn’t figure out what society had to gain from embracing her as a celebrity figure.

Before it was cool to publicly love yourself (or have the fattest ass on the block), Kim Kardashian was already becoming adept at it.  Say what you want about her excessive contouring and obsessive fixation on her physical appearance, but Kim Kardashian has doesn’t let anything stand in the way of celebrating her body, and now that she’s almost through her second pregnancy, she’s single-handedly reshaped our idea of what maternity wear can look like.

As a woman who may or may not have a child within the next ten years, this is exciting news.  The world doesn’t have to stop just because you got knocked up.  Nothing has to stand in the way of you looking as hot as humanly possible. 

While most women just look sort of fat while they’re pregnant (sorry, but it’s true), Kim Kardashian has managed to progressively look sexier and sexier.  This weekend was no exception.  Kim Kardashian may be 8 months pregnant, but that didn’t stop the bombshell from showing up at the 5th Annual LACMA Film and Art Gala in a stunning, see-through lace bodysuit and absolutely owning it. 

Like seriously, can I get an Amen?

Kim Kardashian may not be everybody’s feminist icon, but goddamn it, she sure is one of mine.

All photos via Getty Images, Steve Granitz and WireImage. 

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