Kim Kardashian Gives An Honest Assessment Of Her Beauty Routine

Kim Kardashian gave Into The Gloss a rather honest assessment of her beauty routine. We love when a confident woman isn’t afraid of sharing her makeup secrets with the rest of us ladies, and Mrs. Kardashian West sure didn’t hold back. Are we surprised that she openly discussed her love of facial lasers and even told us the leg makeup she uses to cover up her psoriasis? Absolutely! Kim is usually so private that she comes off like a trained dolphin at Seaworld. Either Kim loves talking about beauty or she’s about to give the world a truer version of herself. I mean, even her completely relatable nose contour comment made me realize she’s a real human. As honest as she was, the cost of all her everyday products combined is quite astronomical. Two things Kimmy: Must be nice and thanks for telling the truth.

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