WTF are Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and Madonna collaborating on?

Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and Madonna walk into a bar…

That’s the end of the sentence, since we aren’t sure why the f*ck they’re hanging out right now.

Today on her Instagram story, Kim Kardashian revealed two unexpected, ostensibly new additions to the Kardashian Klique.

I mean if we think about it, it was kind of almost a matter of time before Kim K and Kardi (whoops, I mean Cardi) worked on something together. Cardi B has recently collaborated with artists like Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, and G-Eazy to name a few. Everyone wants to hop on the Cardi train, because she’s cool as hell.

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Cardi B is on top of her game right now, and Kim undoubtedly sees that. But then again, it would almost certainly make more sense for Cardi B and Madonna to work together, given that they’re both musicians. So now, we’re wondering where Kim might come into all of this.

Then again, I shouldn’t discount Kim’s short, but eventful stint as a musician herself. Whomst could forget the American classic “Jam (Turn it Up)“? You could, you say? Allow me to jog your memory.

“I’m goin’ out tonight, it’s goin’ down headin’ straight to the front of the line, on the fly on the floor I can’t stand still and I’m goin’ to work like I’m paying my bills, bills.” Oh, you still don’t remember?

In either case, Kim has dabbled in music before. Could this be her return?

Then enter Madonna. I feel like I’m a mathematician exploring all of the possible permutations of this collaboration, but there’s lots to dissect here. Madonna hasn’t really slowed down since she’s been famous, and it seems fitting that she be involved somehow. The legend also featured literally every single celebrity ever in her 2015 single, “Bitch I’m Madonna,” so we know virtually nobody’s off limits. Plus, Madonna definitely has the most celeb street cred of the three of them in a “your mom knows who she is” way, so her involvement would likely make this a lot more legit.

Perhaps a more realistic scenario may be that Kim is starring in a new music video for an upcoming Cardi B x Madonna collab? That would certainly be something to see. Besides, Kim’s quite the video vixen, as we’ve seen in Kanye’s Bound 2.

Or, maybe they just all got together to watch the Bachelor finale. Maybe they’re starting a book club.

Whatever’s in the works, we’re down.

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