Kim K says being good at Instagram is harder than people think

People love to hate on influencer culture, but according to legendary content creator Kim Kardashian, putting Instagram posts together is actually harder than it looks.

“If people think you post and it’s so easy, it’s really not,” Kim explained during a Forbes event on Tuesday. “Especially if you’re a brand.”

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And Kim has a point.

Even if you’re not an influencer, anybody with at least one vain bone in their body, a.k.a. everybody, has at one time struggled with an Instagram post.

Maybe you had a hard time deciding between which selfie to post, or maybe it took you 15 minutes to come up with a caption that didn’t make it sound like you were trying too hard to be funny, but whatever it was, you probably wouldn’t describe the process as “so easy.”

And when you’re a brand, people get even more psycho about this kind of stuff.

Because on top of picking the right picture, caption, filter, etc., you also have to worry about whether or not your Instagram feed as a whole is any good or not.

Does your feed make you look cool and hip enough that people will want to buy anything you’re selling, or do you look like a clueless mom who doesn’t understand that if your pictures aren’t well-lit, nobody will like them?

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Honestly, as silly as it sounds, having a bomb ass Instagram account does take work.

Luckily, when you’re a celebrity like Kim, there are people you can pay to sweat out the details for you.

God bless the little people, right?


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