Kim Johansson’s 10 Reasons to Embrace Your Inner Hypebeast

Streetwear is in, we know that.

You might’ve not noticed it, but amidst the casual aesthetic of sneakers and hoodies, streetwear quickly became an elite society. Whether you skated or not, streetwear snobs have always seemed to be unaccepting of certain people who wear it. Today, however, people are starting not to care.

There’s an article on Compex titled, “I Don’t Care If You Call Me a Hypebeast,” addressing the stigma that comes with being a streetwear enthusiast:

Sneaker culture has changed. Streetwear has changed. And even hypebeast, the website, has dramatically changed. Styles and trends have shifted and what was once this niche subculture that scoffed at the idea of mainstream has become the norm.

With its recent popularity, the variety of people interested in streetwear is no surprise. Girls love streetwear as much as boys do right now, and the streetwear community has finally accepted that. From super-stylist Aleali May to illustrator-designer Sophia Chang, girls are taking over, and they’re doing it right.

We asked Kim Johansson, curve model at Wilhelmina, 10 reasons why girls should always wear streetwear. See what she had to say, below.

1. There’s more to women’s fashion than dresses and heels.

2. There are so many more street wear brands that are affordable to the average person than high fashion brands!

3. Being comfortable and stylish isn’t impossible and street wear makes that possible.

4. It allows girls to play with their look! It’s a style that can be dressed up or dressed down by adding different pieces together. Giving girls the ability to switch up their looks!

5. Street wear is extremely hot right now!

6. You can wear it for multiple occasions. Whether it’s grabbing a bite to eat or attending a friend’s party!

7. It’s a lot more accessible then a lot of designer clothing. Most street wear brands are online!

8. It’s a time efficient style. You can have a trendy look in under 5 minutes!

9. You can share your closet with your boyfriend.

10. Did I mention it’s extremely comfortable?

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