Celebrating Kim Gordon, the Original Rock Goddess


One of my largest flaws, style-wise, is that band tee-shirts are my kryptonite. If it was socially acceptable, I’d dress like a 13-year-old boy who just discovered Pacsun at the local outlet mall. Generally, people think I’m wearing these shirts ironically—hipsters baristas love my Justin Timberlake (Justified tour, of course) shirt. Everybody loves my Drake shirt. What nobody knows, is that Sonic Youth was my first and most-loved band tee. Now, with the release of Kim Gordon’s new memoir Girl in a Band, I have an excuse to break it out once more. That’s only one of the ways I’m celebrating Kim Gordon this week. Some others?

1. I’m going to wear everything she’s wearing here. I’ll buy a bass, and wear that too. 

Kim Gordon and Lee Ronaldo

2. I’ll watch this interview with Courtney Love and Kim Gordon. In their honor, I’ve vowed not to wash my hair for at least 10 days. 

3. I’m keeping an eye out for Kim’s painting show at 303 Gallery in New York this summer. A preview: stark white canvases with my favorite words painted across them. 


4. By listening to Sonic Youth. This is my favorite. 

5. I’ll read the book, duh. Girl in a Band comes out February 24. 


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