Killer Heels: Shoes that Double As Weapons

If you’re a city girl, you probably have some form of self-defense on you at all times; whether it’s your mace, your key chain, or your ninja skills. I had mace for a while but, in reality, I feel that if I was attacked I would never get that shit out and the safety lock off in time to actually spray an attacker. However, my guy friends brought to my attention that they never worry about me being alone at night, because I am always wearing something spiky (usually my shoes). If I can get them off my feet fast enough all it would take were a few well-aimed blows to make someone think twice (and give me time for a barefooted sprint). So, in the name of your safety ladies, here are some shoes that can double as a form of self defense. And, hey, maybe your insurance will cover them?

Jeffrey Campbell Spike Lita, $190.00



NYLA Spiked Strappy Sandals, $22


Giuseppe Zanotti Lace-Up Spiked Heel Bootie, $1,512


Chicnova Spiked Chunky Wedges, $129


Christian Louboutin Lady Peep Spikes, $1,450


Dr. Martens Spike Lace-up Boot, $149


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