Kiesza Brings The Sound Of A Woman To Governors Ball

Fresh off her headlining tour with Betty Who, Kiesza is bringing the much needed sound of a goddess to Governors Ball. The Canadian songstress is quickly becoming one the most compelling and buzzed about pop stars, bringing together the world of dance and pop with hits like “Hideaway,” receiving over 250 million views on Youtube alone. If anyone is having a moment, it’s definitely Kiesza and this weekend’s Governors Ball is her time to shine.


“It can be difficult for a lot of us, during hard times, to find that inner strength to speak our minds freely.”

Festival season is a beautiful time for music lovers and bands alike, but it also comes with the sad reality that much of the lineups are still very male-dominated. Just take a look at this Coachella 2015 lineup poster without the male acts listed. Even Governors Ball, which has legendary women in music like Björk and Lana Del Rey performing, is still only at 30% female acts. Kiesza is about to bring some much needed girl power to the fest and her song, “Sound Of A Woman,” (on repeat) will be the soundtrack of the weekend. The track is both the name of her tour and an extremely important song to Kiesza because she feels it speaks to a lot of women. “It can be difficult for a lot of us, during hard times, to find that inner strength to speak our minds freely. That’s what this song is about. A woman finally finding her own voice, and not being afraid to express how she truly feels,” Kiesza said.

With her beautiful girl power anthem and electrifying live performance energy, Kiesza is ready to take on the Gov Ball festival stage, that is, if everyone is can keep up with her intensity through preparedness to dance. Kiesza said, “My show is pretty high energy, so you’ll probably be sweating a little bit by the end of it!”

Kiesza Press Shot Credit Renee Cox (2)

“You need to let loose at festivals, and allow yourself to be a little more crazy than usual!”

While Kiesza is a must-see show for us, you’ll be sure to catch her in the audience for a legendary performance by Björk. “I’ve never seen her live yet and it’s definitely something that’s on life list,” Kiesza mentioned. And when she’s not catching her queen or keeping up with the press, Kiesza will be scoping out other artists to find a new favorite act. Because isn’t that what it’s all about? “The best part of festivals for me is discovering new musicians,” Kiesza said. A lot of festivals seem to be losing that vital element with their audiences: the love of the music. It’s about a passion for supporting your favorite musicians and finding new talents in addition to making wild memories with friends who share that same love. That’s what Kiesza hopes everyone will keep in mind at Governors Ball. So for those flocking to Randall’s Island this weekend, she urges everyone to, “allow yourself to be a little more crazy than usual!”

Governors Ball is certainly not the end of Kiesza’s busy schedule, as she will continue to take the festival circuit by storm and perhaps sneak in some time to write more music. “I hope to get back into the studio a lot more throughout the summer and hopefully do a few more collaborations,” Kiesza confessed. We’re crossing our fingers for a Betty Who collaboration — that’s on our dream list. “We definitely spoke about collaborating a lot on tour and I really hope it does happen,” Kiesza said. YES! We’ll just be patiently waiting and until then, we’re ready for Kiesza to blow everyone out of the water at Governors Ball 2015.

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