From The Clubs Of Ibiza To The Boutique Streets Of Vietnam, Kiersten Rich Talks World Style

Kiersten Rich is a Cali native who ditched her corporate lifestyle to travel the world as she documents her adventures on her blog, The Blonde Abroad. She’s been everywhere, from the far reaches of Iceland to the beaches of Ibiza, and has met some amazing people who have offered her some killer experiences. Here, Kiersten talks about her around the world lifestyle from a stylish perspective, from the best accessory to buy as a souvenir, to the best place in the world to shop (be warned, this article might have you booking a ticket to Vietnam)…


On your travels, what place have you seen that has the coolest girls? Aka where is the best style?

I love the style coming out of Australia right now. There are so many cute designers and shops (especially for swimwear) and every time I visit, I’m inspired by the street style of the girls there.

What’s your favorite city in the world to shop?

Hoi An in Vietnam is a girl’s dream for shopping. There are countless shops that you can design custom clothes in and have made for a bargain.

For retail shopping, call me biased, but I think LA has some of the best shopping in the world. Lots of boutiques, vintage shops and reasonable prices.

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve gotten/ has been gifted to you on your travels?

I get rings everywhere I go. They’re the perfect souvenirs because I wear them all of the time and they each remind me of a different place in the world.


How has your style changed since you became a world traveler?

It’s exciting getting the opportunity to be whoever you want when you’re on the road. I take more risks with my style and have fun with colors and more so than I do when I’m home.

What wardrobe pieces do you rely on that defy cultural boundaries?
Funny enough, my favorite “wardrobe pieces” are bright lipsticks. It’s sort of become an element of my personal style. Even when I went skydiving I wore bright pink lipstick. I don’t always get to pack a lot of clothes on trips, so even in an LBD I can throw on my favorite red lipstick and feel like I blend in with the locals.

“Lacking respect of local culture is the biggest mistake people make. “

What place changed you the most in general?

I owe a lot to Spain. It’s the country I’ve traveled most extensively and it was the first country I went to overseas- which sparked my passion for travel. It broke down cultural barriers for me and opened my eyes to a sense of independence I didn’t know I had.

What are the biggest don’ts of travel style?

Where to begin? The extreme end of the stereotypical “travel style” spectrum should be avoided. Unless you’re trekking the Himalayas, you don’t need to buy tear away cargo pants and hiking boots. It doesn’t make you more of a traveler. You just look like a tourist. Lacking respect of local culture is the other mistake people make. Do your homework and see how the locals dress. Just because you go out in a tight fitting dress in stiletto heels back home doesn’t mean it’s gonna fly everywhere.

What’s a place that everyone should see before she dies?

I recently went to Iceland and it’s a visual masterpiece. There really is nowhere like it. From swimming in the Blue Lagoon to trekking glaciers to riding Icelandic horses, it’s a dream place on Earth.


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