Kids Are Risking Their Lives to Get High at “Skittles Parties”

Skittles Parties are apparently all the rage, as teenagers across the country have taken up with this new trend. Basically a Skittles Party is when a kid goes into their parent’s medicine cabinet, takes all of the prescription drugs they can find, mixes them together in a bowl and then takes a handful of assorted pills to see how high they can get. Stupid doesn’t even begin to cut it. According to Yahoo, “Several teens have overdosed after playing Russian roulette with pills at these parties, which are also known as “pharming parties.” Last month, five high school students in Marin County, California, overdosed after an apparent “Skittles party” and were taken to the hospital.” One kid in Knoxville, Tennessee, however was not as lucky and he died of an overdose after attending a Skittles Party.

Drug abuse and overdose rates have increased drastically in the past couple of years in teenagers and young adults. The lack of comprehensive drug education and information is to blame. Teens are taught that drugs are bad and what street drugs can do to you, but education on prescription drug addiction is all but nonexistent. Sharon Levy M.D., director of the substance abuse program at Boston Children’s Hospital says of teens, “They’ll assume because it’s a pharmaceutical product that it doesn’t have the same risks, they will assume that they’re safe, and that’s just wrong. These medications have a very high abuse potential. People can absolutely become addicted to them.” There are programs informing kids of the dangers of cocaine and heroin, but there are no programs informing kids about the real dangers of prescription drugs. As prescription drugs are more readily available and accessible, they can be just as dangerous if not more so as demonstrated by these new “skittles parties.”

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