Kid Wave Just Made The Perfect Summer Record

One part dream pop with a dash of shoegaze, flavored with some girl power and we find ourselves falling in love with Kid Wave. Our new fave band from across the pond is making a big name for themselves, opening for the always badass Palma Violets and captivating us with their heavenly sounds on songs like, “Honey”.

Their new record, Wonderlust is the perfect dreamy, nostalgic soundtrack for your summer. We chatted with lead singer Lea Emmery and she brought us back to a time when Destiny’s Child reigned supreme and everyone had a mad crush on Ryan Adams. Plus, read on to get all the details about Kid Wave’s debut record.

Kid Wave-Heavenly Recordings - Pias - Honey - Galore Mag

What are some things from your childhood that you will never grow out of?

ABBA. My first CD and I still listen to it. And Destiny’s Child. Me and Serra love Destiny’s Child.

What’s something at the top of your bucket list?

To adopt/rescue a dog! I grew up around animals like dogs and horses and that’s what I miss the most living in London. I can’t have a pet or a dog right now though, I’m away/move around too much.

Tell us about the your record coming out this June! What’s at the heart of this album and why should everyone be stoked?

I’d say the record sums up growing up and always long for something – something new, something different, and something else. With that I also think it reflects on the struggles of staying present. Society today gives people hundreds of reasons to escape and not stay present. It’s life really: dreams, anxiety, growing up, loneliness, making mistakes, to love, forgive and forget.

The record means a great deal to us. It was an amazing and creative process recording it together with Dan Austin last year and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and can’t wait for people to hear it.

Opening for Palma Violets, that must have been killer! What are some other bands you loose your shit over?

At the moment probably Father John Misty, Ryan Adams, Friends and Pale but also Jeff Buckley and some Swedish bands I used to listen a lot to as teenager.

You covered Tom Petty’s “Listen To Her Heart” – I love it! What’s an unexpected cover that you would be completely down to do?

We’d definitely be down to cover a Metallica song like “Motorbreath” or Seek and Destroy.

Tell us: how can we party like Kid Wave?

You just make sure you have a “one all time” time and it’ll be a great party.

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