Vegan Fitness Guru Kiara Ana Perico On How To Stay Fit On The Road

No matter who you are, staying in shape is hard.  Between your demanding work schedule Netflix cue, your dwindling bank account, and trying that new vegan donut shop that just opened around the block, there’s always something to distract you from staying healthy.  But just like there’s always room for one more piece of dessert, there’s always a way to fit a work out into your lifestyle.  Take it from Kiara Ana Perico, a babealicious health and fitness guru currently on tour with Ariana Grande – when it comes to staying toned, where there’s a will, there’s always a way.


I’ve always heard touring isn’t as much fun as it’s cracked up to be, in your experience (touring with Ariana Grande), is that the truth, or just something musicians say so us normal people don’t get too jealous?

Touring is a truly wonderful way to see the world while still working. It is as awesome or not awesome as you make the experience. There are many aspects of “normal life” that you must put on hold (family, loved ones, Vitamix blenders), but the new perspective on life that you get is so important. It’s fascinating and challenging to be in a new city with a whole new culture for just one or two days, but it forces you to find the cool park or monument without delay!

That’s a good way to look at things. Talk about the power of having a positive outlook.

Yeah, as a musician, I come in contact with so many people on a daily basis, whether I’m at home or on tour somewhere. It’s the most amazing thing. But I feel like so often the opportunity to connect with people is wasted because of the possibility that I might never see them again. I believe that we all have a very real chance of making positive changes on a global level but these must begin with changes from within ourselves, expanding to shifts in the local community and from there the reach can broaden.


Now, I know fitness is really important to you – how do you handle staying in shape when you’re on the road?

That is an important question, and definitely a challenge. It’s very easy to overeat and become lazy or lethargic on a tour. There’s catering buffets, breakfast buffets, room service, and my personal favorite, thinking “oh, I should have more baguette because I don’t know when I’ll be in Paris next!” Being in new cities often means discovering the local flavor of that city, but to me, the local flavor means more than eating food. Being a simple vegan eater, escargot in Paris or Black Pudding in the UK don’t really excite me. So, of course, in Paris, I have a fresh baguette, but what I find more thrilling is walking everywhere. I love seeing the cities from the streets, and really being among the people, so if a destination is under 3 miles away, I’ll walk to it 99% of the time.

You recently became a coach for Beachbody, right? How did that happen?

On the first leg of the tour, I went to the hotel gyms every morning, but I got really bored really fast, and I wanted workouts that were going to challenge me, target specific parts of my body, and keep my interest piqued. I have dabbled in a few of the Beachbody workouts over the years, and I have always enjoyed them. While some of the programs are about bulking up with dumbbells, I love that many of the workouts don’t include extra props so you’re getting stronger by using your own body weight. I love this because you’re strengthening your own self against yourself and it also makes on-the-road workouts that much easier!

Being in good shape is so important to me, no matter where I am or what I’m doing and I think that being a Beachbody coach can give me the tools I need to achieve all my goals while helping and motivating others achieve theirs. It’s the coolest thing to think that I can actively coach challenge groups when I’m in Amsterdam and someone else is in New York City and someone else is in Germany.

How has Beachbody changed your daily workout schedule?

Now with Beachnody, I workout in my room before any daily adventures begin, so that if i do wander by a dark chocolate shop or a bubble tea room, I don’t feel guilty about treating myself and I know that I’ll probably walk another mile at least that day.



So was there a moment when you thought to yourself, “I’m gonna become a fitness guru?”

Not really. My biggest intention is to be an inspiration for other people to find their true and most honest, open selves. I believe that health is of the highest importance (next to real, meaningful human connections), and so it’s my goal to bring health, wellness and fitness to as many people as I can, no matter the physical or time differences. I always want my hippie-yogi light to shine through in whatever I do, so while a lot of these workouts are about “losing weight” or “getting fit”, to me they’re also about finding the internal power and strength that each of us have inside, and cultivating it so that we feel confident and beautiful in our skin.

That’s so powerful.  And last, but not least, what would you do with a full day off right now?

Full days off are for adventures! Well, sometimes they’re for buckling down and doing work, but that’s not as much fun to talk about. Today, two of the band members and I took a bus from Glasgow to Edinburgh. It was spectacular. A beautiful, sunny day of wandering around the Old City, peeking glimpses of the North Sea, ducking through archways on cobblestone streets, following the drone of bagpipers, and touching the walls of the castles, everywhere flooded with history and love.

Sounds like a good day to me. 

Check out Kiara’s fitness blog Its Green Kiki here and follow her on Twitter to stay up to date on what exactly this vegan fitness guru babe is up to.

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