Duh, Kevin Bacon, There Really Should Be More Peen On Screen

Kevin Bacon has a simple message for all of you out there: there needs to be more peen on screen. I think I speak for all of us women out there when I say, “finally somebody gets it.”  But then again, this isn’t the first time Kevin Bacon’s been right about something  – remember when he stood up in front of the whole town and proclaimed that dancing wasn’t a crime?  He was really right about that too.


In nearly every mainstream movie and television show, there’s almost always going to be a scene where some actress gets naked.  And by naked, I mean either her breasts, her ass, her pussy (or all of the above) is going to be completely visible.  Sometimes this nudity is gratuitous, sometimes it’s not, but it’s almost always there.  In contrast, most men manage to escape from their onset time without having to expose anything.

Kevin Bacon, who has shown his penis in two films, thinks that it’s time to change that – time to hurry up and free the bacon.

Rightly calling this an “issue of gender equality”, Bacon takes shots at TV shows like Game of Thrones (“you got three sex scenes an episode, how hard would it be to just show one or two weiners every couple of minutes”) and 50 Shades Of Grey (“I heard that you never even see it, why not let Jamie Dornam take off his pants”) for failing to do their part.

The whole thing is of course a joke, but that’s the funny thing about humor: it gets you to pay attention to the things you would normally just dismiss.


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