Kesha’s New Tattoo Says What We’re All Thinking

Our favorite wild woman Kesha is known for having some dope ink. Two days ago, on Instagram, she posted a photo of her new tattoo. The tiny new ankle tat reads “Fuck the World” with a flower below. While certainly not the most optimistic of messages, I dig it. Perhaps this tat comes as a response to her ongoing shituation (pun intended) that ties the artist to Dr. Luke, a man accused of sexually abusing her. As of now, Sony is backing up the contract that requires Kesha continue to work with Dr. Luke, her producer. Kesha’s contract requires that she put out three more albums with Sony and Dr. Luke. Caught in-between a rock and an impossible place, Kesha’s new tat seems justified.

A photo posted by Kesha (@iiswhoiis) on

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