Kendall & Kylie’s New V-Day PacSun Collection Is Giving Us A Cavity

I thought I had gotten my Kardashian fix for the day when I heard about Bruce’s new docu-series. But the world proved that just when you think you’ve gotten enough Kardashians for one lifetime, they come out with something else you didn’t know you were missing. Last week it was eyelash primer, this week it’s Kendall and Kylie’s V-Day themed PacSun line.

K&K must have gotten a new designer or something because the dresses are much less boho and way more Little House on the Prairie than their other PacSun wares. The clothes are so sweet they’re giving me a cavity, which hopefully won’t stop me from consuming massive amounts of discount chocolate on February 15. If you’re into ultra mini silhouettes and heart-shaped-cut-outs in the middle of winter, you’ll probably like this collection. The dresses invite your boo-thang to call you pet names (baby, darling, doll face, and honey all come to mind) and coo at you in the voice normally reserved for baby animals. It won’t matter if your date forgets to buy you flowers, because you’ll be dressed like a bouquet in a flowery romper anyway. If any of this sounds appealing to you, you can pick up the collection online Friday and in stores Monday.


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