Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Biggest Insecurity Through Her App

With her new Balmain advertisement and multiple Vogue stories currently running, Kendall Jenner is one of the top supermodels in the game. So it comes as a surprise that in her new video on her website, she discusses a huge insecurity she used to face when she was younger in high school.

“I had such bad acne when I was younger. It completely ruined my self-esteem. I wouldn’t even look at people when I talked to them. I felt like such an outcast; when I spoke, it was with my hand covering my face.” She then goes on to discuss the way in which she found an acne solution through both Laser Genesis treatments and growing older.

“What I want everyone to understand is that it’s been a process: It wasn’t anything that happened overnight. But slowly, I’m working towards not caring, and I’m just in so much of a better place about it all now that I’m older,” she added.

Sometime, even supermodels feel insecure too.

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