Kendall Jenner Needed Some Burger King After Partying With Drake And Rihanna

There’s no other way to put it: Kendall Jenner is living your dream life right now.

We’ve talked before about how Kylie’s life is better than yours, but today it’s Kendall’s turn to shine. 

First, she had dinner with her friend professional celeb bestie Leon “Starino” Anderson at a popular restaurant called Sexy Fish. Apparently it’s the kind of place where gushing water trickles down the windows, busty mermaid sculptures bookend the bar, and ordinary people feel intimidated.

Oh, and did we mention Sexy Fish has 10,500 followers on Instagram?

Obviously, this would be the restaurant Kendall would want to go to as soon as she touched down in London Town. 

Next, Kendall hung out with Rihanna and Drake at the Libertine Club, where the two chill AF exes were co-hosting a private party, undoubtably to celebrate the launch of their steamy double video for “Work”.  

Rihanna wore plastic yellow sunglasses straight out of the 90s, and apparently Drake got the nostalgia memo because he wore a Nirvana t-shirt.

There’s a slight chance Drake and Justin Bieber have the same stylist.

Then Kendall topped off her night by getting Burger King at 1 a.m. with her friends.

Of course they took a selfie to preserve the moment.

Now that’s how you kick off London Fashion Week.

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