Keeping Up With Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is always at LEAST seven steps ahead of everyone else with all the tricks he has up his sleeves. Case and point: Kendall Jenner. The reality-TV star, who somehow transformed seemingly overnight into a Chanel runway goddess, was chosen to star in Jacobs’ Spring 2015 ad campaign. Whatever kind of lucky potion she’s drinking, we need some and FAST. Sure, she walked in his runway show during the last New York Fashion Week, but that pales in comparison to landing this impressive campaign.

Dressed in an army-inspired suit with a freshly chopped black bob to match, the Jenner sister stuns underneath those tousled bangs. What’s fascinating, as well as f***ing awesome, is that the images do not reveal the Kendall we are used to seeing on TV or scroll past on Instagram. She truly looks like a ‘Marc Jacobs model’. And that, my friends, is why he rules the land of misfit toys. He molds his models into his desired look. Why? So that as you flip through your stack of magazines, you pause to look at his editorials more closely. It’s never because of WHO is photographed, but FOR WHOM they are being photographed. He oozes the ‘so-weird-it’s-cool’ aesthetic that so many of us desire. Each one of these photos, taken by Vogue’s David Sims, screams the Marc Jacobs appeal. With blunt haircuts, minimalistic makeup, and a noteworthy cast of models, this ad campaign is a success. It’s smart, provocative, and inventive – just how we like it.

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