Kendall Jenner Is Celebrating Christmas In A Really Weird Way

Today is December 1st, and we all know what that means, right?  The holiday season is officially upon us. Get ready for more commercials laden with gift-wrapped cars and snowy landscapes, more Christmas tree stands magically appearing on every corner in town, and get ready to receive a text from your Mother saying your advent calendar is in the mail and should arrive by Wednesday at the latest.

Say what you want about Christmas, but advent calendars are Capitalism’s gift to humanity.  December is a hard month.  When we’re not cold, broke, stressed out or depressed about how early the sun goes down, we’re hungover from yet another holiday party.  The prospect of getting to start each and every day in December with a delicious piece of chocolate is literally what gets me through the month. However, LOVE magazine’s advent calendar puts every ordinary advent calendar to shame by offering up silly portraits of celebrities in lieu of the traditional confectionary treats.

First up: Kendall Jenner dressed up like the most famous creature present for the birth of Jesus Christ, the hammerhead shark.

While my initial reaction was of the WTF variety, I can’t pretend that the sight of Kendall Jenner dressed up like a sexy hammerhead shark didn’t brighten my day.

LOVE also shared a clip of shark Kendall Jenner breaking into real Kendall Jenner’s house and attacking her in a shower scene in a bloodless burst of hilarity.

Sometimes the best Christmas presents are the ones you would never think of asking for.


Instagram // The Love Magazine

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