Kendall Jenner Accidentally Inspired A New Hair Trend

8 weeks ago, Kendall made Instagram history when a single photo of Jenner with her hair arranged into seven hair-shaped hearts, all dressed up and yet strangely snoozing sedately on the floor, became the most liked photo of all time.

While it’s impossible to say why heart hair took a hold of the nation the way that it did, all that matters is that it happened.  With almost 8,000 hashtags to its name, heart hair is the most-desirable hair trend since maybe ever.

But the real question is, now that Kendall knows she can harness the world’s attention, will she continue to use her powers for good, or will she cross over to the dark side and wreak havoc on humanity just because she can?


Watch what you say, world.  The judgement of Kendall Jenner is coming.

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