Kendall Jenner Had Her First Kiss In The Shower, But It’s Not What You Think

This morning, while I was waiting for my coffee to finish brewing, I stumbled upon a story that instantly seized me with curiosity: Kendall Jenner was sharing the story of her first kiss, and it sounded infinitely more exciting than any first kiss story I’d ever heard.  Just when you think you know everything there is to know about the Kardashians, they surprise you with a new piece of information you didn’t even know you wanted to know.


Kendall Jenner // Instagram

In a post on Kendall Jenner’s app that you have to pay for to see, the 20-year-old supermodel-in-training shared that ‘the story of my first kiss involves a shower scene, but it’s not what you think!’

Like all young girls out there, once puberty hit, Kendall started crushing on guys, and when she was in elementary school, “probably fifth grade,” the guy she had, “THE biggest crush on” was Chad Wilcox, the son of her father’s co-star on CHIPS (which is some police show that used to be popular in the 1980s).  If you’re looking for a mental image of what Kendall and Chad looked like back in the day, this is it (give or take a year or two).  Thanks, TMZ.  


According to Kendall, her and her friend Jessica invited Chad “to hang out” at Kendall’s house and play an innocent game of Truth or Dare.  “Of course, the point of that was to kiss each other,” said Kendall, but before they could get to the good stuff, first they had to ditch Kylie.

“Kylie kept spying and…we were like, ‘Go Away!‘ and she was like, ‘What are you doing?!?!  She followed us to the living room, then the bedroom.  We even locked her out with a chair under the doorknob and she found her way in.  So annoying.  She kept saying, ‘You’re being shady!’”

After ending up in Kendall’s bathroom, “because it was the only room with a lock,” finally it came time for the afternoon’s main event.  “Finally, we got to the Truth or Dare kissing.  Jessica and I didn’t want to do it in front of each other so Chad and I went in the shower behind the curtain.  And that’s how the magic of my first kiss went down!” 

Seriously, somebody needs to get on changing America’s pastime from baseball to keeping up with the Kardashians because it’s 2015, and let’s be real.

All photos via Kendall Jenner’s website unless otherwise specified.  

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