Kendall Jenner Drops Her Last Name- But Does It Matter?

Only days before New York Fashion Week, Kendall has decided to drop her famous last name in an attempt to distance herself from her famous family. But does it really make a difference?

Kendall walking in NYFW

Fashion junkies everywhere have been ranting for months about the elder Jenner sister’s entry into fashion, protesting that the only reason she’s making it big over so many other models is because of the famous family that she is trying to shake. Her connection to Kanye, a fashion icon in his own right has connected her to the fashion big leagues like Givenchy and Balmain.

Kendall for Marc Jacobs last season

The one name only coin is one usually only one by the supermodels of the age (Naomi, Linda, Claudia, Christy), and it is mostly agreed upon that Kendall has not yet earned that right. Unfortunately, no matter how talented she may prove herself, her reality show past may always be there to haunt her. So try as you may Kendall, the Jenner name will always be one step behind you.

Naomi, Cindy, Christy, Linda and Helena- a few women who deserve to be one name only.

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