Kendall & Karl: Miss Jenner’s New Karl Lagerfeld Campaign

It’s the moment you Kendall fans have all been waiting for: THE S/S 2015 KARL LAGERFELD CAMPAIGN IS HERE AT LAST! Karl Lagerfeld found Kendall Jenner’s strut down his Chanel runway worthy of an upgrade, and in November announced that she would be the dazzling face of his own line’s new ad campaign. The photos have been released and wow, I would be lying to you if I said they didn’t take my breath away. Done in black and white with beautiful pops of color, she is dead center looking fly as hell.  Even with big pink sunnies on that cover half of her face, she looks flawless.

First it’s Marc Jacobs, and now the iconic Karl Lagerfeld, what the hell is next? I would love to know in advance so I can mentally prepare, because I’m sure somehow she will outdo herself yet again. DRAMATIC SIGH OF JEALOUSY.  Soon enough, every magazine is going to be one huge collection of Kendall, Gigi, and Cara ad campaigns.  They’re like, the holy trinity of models, and we aren’t mad about it, not at alllll.

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