Kendall Jenner May Not Have A Butt, But It Can Still Sell Lingerie Just Fine

Damn, has this been a good week for butts.  First, we had Justin Bieber, and yesterday Kendall Jenner joined the ever-growing list of celebrities to turn around and stick it out, but whereas the Bieber’s ass shot was just for fun, Kendall’s was for a larger purpose: to sell underwear.

Picking up the cause where Justin Timberlake left it, the Calvin Klein campaign is looking to bring back the “original sexy,” and we couldn’t be prouder that Kendall is keeping up with the Kardashian family business of selling your ass to America.

While her ass may never break the Internet, it may just make you order your own pair of Calvins.  Check out the rest of her campaign shots below, and get ready to shed a tear or two because this 19-year-old girl is officially all grown up.



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