Kendall Jenner Bleached Her Hair To Take On This Iconic Role

At some point or another, we’ve all had an encounter with Alice in Wonderland.  Whether it be in school, blissfully unaware of all the druggy references that will eventually seem so obvious, in the movies or simply by being a sentient person.

Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and its sequel Through The Looking Glass, are eternally relevant.  Read one way, the books tell the story of a young, naive girl who experiments with drugs and meets a host of bizarre characters, narrowly avoiding a handful of hazardous situations in order to emerge with an enlarged sense of the world and its possibilities.  I’m sure I don’t need a hammer to make my point any further.

In its infinite brilliance, Vogue joined the long list of creatives who’ve been inspired by this ubiquitous story, giving Alice in Wonderland the millennial twist by inviting Kendall Jenner to bleach her hair blonde and step into the iconic role.

Alice has never looked brattier, and never looked more like a dead ringer for how I felt growing up, helplessly navigating the subtle joys and the agonizing defeats of my childhood.  When the world around you is strange, and getting stranger, sometimes all you can do is put on a scowl and hope things work out for the best.

All photos via Vogue. 


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