Kendall And Kylie Jenner Just Released A Shirt With A Powerful Message

Even though it was just Kendall Jenner’s birthday, yesterday the famous sisters decided to give all of us a gift: new clothing from their eponymous collection, Kendall + Kylie

The collection, which launched this July, gives shoppers the option to shop pieces from both Kendall and Kylie Jenner‘s closets.  The difference between the two closets is minimal (Kylie’s is sexier, Kendall’s is cooler), and mostly hinges on the fact that Kendall was born in 1995 while Kylie was born in 1997.

The new pieces include a red cut-out bustier:


An update on the basic, long sleeve tee:


A casual black mini skirt:


And a bold, dare I say “punk AF” tank top:


While on first glance, this tank top seems like just another graphic tee, once you think about it for longer than a millisecond, you realize how ballsy it is.  Featuring the words, “Talk about something new I’m bored” followed with a lipstick kiss, this tank top is obviously alluding to Kylie Jenner’s biggest controversy to date, and one of her biggest assets: her lips. 

Although the truth behind her lips was initially a sore subject for Kylie, this tank top is yet another example of how Kylie’s learned to embrace the controversy, and channel all that energy into positivity.  For instance, in a recent video in honor of Anti-Bullying Day, the 18-year-old starlet helps Caitlyn Jenner apply blue makeup, and when Caitlyn asks her, “Are you good at putting it on somebody else?” Kylie respondes, “I’m a lip expert.” 

The text from the shirt comes from one of Kylie’s tweets from October 27th of LAST YEAR, proving that with a little perspective, it’s possible to turn every negative critique into something positive.


All photos via Kendall + Kylie.  

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