Kelsy Karter Is The Blue Eyed Soul Singer You Need To Know

Kelsy Karter is a blue-eyed Australian soul singer who ran away to LA and started making music. She recently finished her debut album, “Kiss The Boys”, and the first single, “Children of My Hometown”, dropped April 1st. With all the musical magic coming out of Kelsy’s mouth, we decided it was a perfect time for her to give us some insight on getting her start, the perks of living in LA, and, of course, her current favorite songs! Check it out and get a first look at her “Children of My Hometown” music video below.
Tell us about running away to LA! How did you cope with being far from your friends and family?
I left when I was a kid, so like most decisions a rebellious teenager makes, I didn’t really think about it.  I just left. About a year in, I was staring at the wall with all my photos on it, and asked myself “What did I just do?!” And since then, it has only gotten harder being away from my family. But that’s my drive. They are why I do what I do. Call it cheesy, but my Mama, Daddy and big bro are my best mates.
Why LA over any other city?
Half my family is from West LA so I spent a lot of my life coming here to visit. Moving to Los Angeles was always my plan, from when I was a little kid. But now – NEW YORK!!!  That city is magic to me….my next victim 😉
How would you describe your sound in 3 words?
PRETTY GRITTY SOUL……. My upcoming album “Kiss The Boys” is motown, soul, blues and rock’n’roll all mixed into one.
Where would you like your life to be in 5 years?
I hate this question! Hopefully by then, time travel will exist and I can go back to being a kid.
If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?
Food critic or professional poker player. (I’m great at both).
What song are you playing on repeat right now?
“Trouble” by Iggy, “Uptown Funk” by Bruno and ANYTHING by Sam Cooke.
How has theater influenced your music and style?
Well, when I was a kid I wanted to join the circus.  Like, bad. I think it was the combination of imagination and emotion that drew me to it. So naturally, I started performing in musicals and plays. It helped me accept all my weird, and own all my crazy. I also always felt like I was meant to live in the 50’s and 60’s, so I embrace that, and I now apply all of it to my music & my style.
What’s your go-to on stage outfit?
Leather jacket, white tee, blue jeans, Converse and my switchblade 😉

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