Kelly Rowland’s Protégé ASH Released Her New EP Today

ASH. is really excited about releasing her “The Please Like Me EP” today.

The young R&B/pop singer moved to Atlanta with a plan to attend Spellman College for a degree in civil engineering and a minor in Spanish, but after graduating, she decided to chase a different kind of destiny. ASH. bought a one way ticket to Los Angeles, where she’d end up touring with Janelle Monae and working on her own music. At the same time, she also auditioned for a new show on BET, “Chasing Destiny,” hosted by none other than Kelly Rowland — she made the cut.

“I honestly didn’t think I’d get past the first auditions, let alone make it to the top 15,” she said of her time on the show. “It was amazing to be around so many talented women, and Kelly is really a sweetheart.”

The show aired in the beginning of April, but now ASH. is focused on the release of her new EP, working with Janelle again, and staying sane by working even harder. Read our chat with her below, and listen to “The Please Like Me” EP here.

1. Is Atlanta really like the “Black Hollywood’?

Well, the cost of living is cheaper than Los Angeles, so we live here because we can afford to live here. Having been in Atlanta for 10 years as a part of the entertainment community, and the creative community, I understand why people call it the Black Hollywood — the cost of living just makes it possible to do different types of things than we’d be able to in Los Angeles. A lot of studios are coming here because it’s just more affordable.

2. Tell us what you’ve been up to. 

I’m so excited for my album to come out. I really can’t wait for people to hear it. I had been busy with the show, but now that I’m done with that, I’ll be traveling with Janelle Monae. I’m really busy [Laughing]. I get up, I work out, you know, I do what I have to do every single day.

3. How are you staying sane while doing that?

Oh my god, yoga. Doing what I love. That’ll keep me sane. At the end of the day, I just feel really lucky to be doing everything that I’m doing. I feel so lucky to have gone down a somewhat unconventional path.

4. Will you be able to sleep tonight?

I’m not going to. [Laughing]. I’m definitely going to be up all night freaking out, and just like, giggling.

5. How did you choose the name for The Please Like Me EP?

It’s 2016. We all want to be liked, you know. It’s just about the vulnerable place I’m in, and about being open to showing that part of myself. Wherever you are in life, if you’re working towards being vulnerable and honest, I think you’re doing the right thing. So I just tried to convey that with my title.

6. What’s your favorite song on the album?

“Wrong Number,” or…oh… “The Goodbye Song.” They’re all my favorite songs! That’s a trick question!

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