Keep Cool While Getting Hot With This Sex Position Of The Week

Sex should get you hot. Always.

Unfortunately, steamy sex isn’t always so sexy when it’s nearing 100 degrees outside– especially if your man doesn’t have a good AC unit.


While there’s something kind of naughty about feeling a guy drip sweat on top of you, it’s not always a good look if you don’t have time for a shower post-sex. Shower sex is an option, but we all know that it’s a bit overrated. With this sex position of the week, The Kiddie Pool, you get to get the benefits of shower sex without the awkwardness and potential for injury.

Fill the tub slightly, with just enough water to keep you cool. Turn on the shower on the lowest setting (if you’re lucky enough to have a shower head with different speeds). Turn on your side and let your dude get in between your legs. Your dude will love the view, and you will love the fact that you might not be drenched in sweat afterwards (although you’ll still certainly be wet).

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