How to keep your bangs from going tragic

Having bangs is a delicate dance, y’all!

While bangs can be the most adorable ’60s-chic hair accoutrement this side of Carnaby Street, they can also veer horribly off-course and make you look like a deranged kindergartener who got ahold of her mom’s sewing scissors.

Luckily, Sarah Lund, style master at KEVIN.MURPHY, has shared the best tips for solving every single bangs issue with us, plus some product recos. Here they are.

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How should you style bangs if they’re accidentally cut too short? 

While a bad bang trim can be devastating, the best thing about hair is that it always grows back! To get you through the interim while you are waiting for the perfect length, I always recommend to swoop bangs to the side while you are waiting for them to grow out. Also, keep the texture light and airy by using a dry texture spray like DOO.OVER.

How should you style bangs when they’re in an in between phase?

Growing out bangs requires iron clad patience! Hair accessories and embellishments are so on trend right now! Find a sparkly clip to twist and pin bangs out of your face while you wait for your desired length.

What products should you avoid using on your bangs? What about products that will work miracles?

I am not a big fan of using hairsprays on bangs as they tend to make the hair look too stiff and unnatural. For a lighter finish, I like a volumizing powder like POWDER.PUFF. For something with a bit more shine and control EASY.RIDER is a winner as it is a light weight anti-frizz cream.

What is the easiest way to revive bangs when you have second-day hair?

Dry Shampoo is always a hair saver for flat second day bangs. A few sprays at the roots will work wonders to bring back volume and texture. If your bangs tend to be on the more frizzy erratic side in the A.M., try a light leave-in treatment like STAYING.ALIVE. Spray bangs lightly and blow dry in to replenish moisture and reduce static.

Do you have any quick fixes for bad bang trims?

There aren’t any quick fixes to grow out bangs, time is your best bet! Luckily, healthy hair grows about .5 inch a month so it doesn’t take long to get those bang back on track.

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