Kea Ho’s 5 Tips For The Sexiest Halloween Costume

Model Kea Ho, who you probably also recognize from the blockbuster Sin City 2, shared with us her top tips for being the sexiest scary person this Halloween weekend!

1. Be creative. The best costumes are unexpected. There are no rules so embrace it and let your creativity fly.

2. Pick a costume you respond to so you can get into the character. Sexy is all about how you feel and feeling awkward in your costume will show. Pick something you are excited about transforming into.


3. The best places for costumes:
Xtina Milani at Haus of Milani in LA for custom pieces. Izquierdo Studios in NYC makes some of the most incredible costumes I’ve seen. Trashy Lingerie in West Hollywood for cool spins on traditional costumes and sexy fits. And New York Costumes in the East Village has a great selection of costume makeup and accessories.


4. The best costume ideas are dynamic, creative, and unexpected. Showcase your best features and make an entrance.


5. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear so channel your inner superhero and own the night.


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