See What Heroines Inspire Kea Ho, The IRL Femme Fatale

Kea Ho is a dame to watch. This IRL femme fatale causes immediate swoons with her exotic looks, but that’s not why she’s so impressive to us. What makes her so special? Well, this scorching hottie has true talent on the big screen. We’ve most recently seen her appear in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For where she played, yup you guessed it, a badass. But Kea currently has a lineup of new films coming out, including one with Pierce Brosnan (steammmmy), so we decided we had to chat with her not only about that, but about Hollywood and her inspirational heroines, of course! Read it all below.

Galore Mag Kea Ho

Photography and Creative Direction By Jacob Dekat and Prince Chenoa

How was it working on Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

It was awesome to be a part of such an iconic production and I love anything where I can shoot a gun and play a badass.

Who are your heroines?   

Angelina Jolie, not jut for her incomparable presence onscreen, but I love her more for the work she does for the world and the impact she’s leaving on it. Also, Sophia Loren and the strong, powerful yet feminine characters she always plays in Italian Cinema.

What’s the first role you ever played?  

First role I ever played was in a local theater production of “The King and I” in elementary school!

What was the last item you bought?

A Helmut Lang leather jacket. 

What was it like growing up in Hollywood?

I have a Hollywood legacy, but my dad made us work hard producing or performing in his live stage show and always taught us manners, principles and to be sweet and humble. In that way, it was not very Hollywood [LAUGHS]. 

What is next for you in 2015?

I just wrapped a Pierce Brosnan film called Urge that I’m really honored to be a part of. I also have two independent films coming out in 2015 and I’m going into production on my dream character that I’ve dreamt of playing since I was a little girl, so that is what I’m most grateful and excited for this year. She is definitely a heroine and I hope it will inspire people.

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