Katy Perry Claims “Swish Swish” Is an Anti-Bullying Anthem

Just a few days ago, Katy Perry dropped “Swift Swift,” I mean, “Swish Swish,” and everybody — including Ruby Rose — assumed it was Katy’s long-awaited Taylor Swift diss track.

Whether you liked it, hated it, or wondered whether it was too late for Katy to pull a diss track out of her back pocket, everybody was talking about it.

Not because the song was particularly good, but because of what it was about.

But Katy Perry couldn’t let a good thing happen to her career, so about 24 hours later, she decided to sabotage herself and tell the world what the song was really about.

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Jimmy Fallon may be the king of the softball interview, but even he couldn’t resist asking Katy whether or not “Swish Swish” was written about one person in particular when she stopped by his show Friday night. (Pssst, that means her PR probably asked him to.)

Pausing for a moment before she answered the question, Katy momentarily looked like she was about to give the camera a knowing look or say something like, “I don’t know, who could I possibly have anything bad to say about, Jimmy?”

But instead she collected herself and said no, it was just your average anti-bullying anthem.

“I think it’s a great anthem for people to use when someone’s trying to hold you down, or bully you,” Katy said. “That’s kind of what this record is about: 360-degree liberation. ‘Chained to the Rhythm was this political liberation. ‘Bon Appetit’ was a sexual liberation. And now, I think ‘Swish [Swish]’ is a liberation from all the negative that doesn’t serve you.”

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There are two problems with this answer:

First of all, saying your pop song is about standing up to bullies is like beauty pageant contestants saying they wish for world peace.

It’s an easy answer that’ll win you points, but it doesn’t really mean anything. Besides the fact that you’re trying to suck up to your audience and look like a good person.

Which is why so many celebrities are suddenly coming out with songs or statements about how bullying is just so darn bad these days. Because the public cares about it and they want to be seen as being on the right side of a hot-button issue. And maybe, just maybe, they think people will sympathize with them more if they have a victim vibe.

Second of all, saying “Swish Swish” isn’t about Taylor completely robs it of the one thing that made it interesting.

It’s kind of like when Kylie Jenner came out and said she wasn’t a part of Terror Jr.

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Most people didn’t really buy it – after all, why else would Snapchat give the band its own filter that randomly pops up every couple of weeks – but Kylie’s confession put a stop to the most interesting aspect of Terror Jr.

Katy probably won’t convince anybody but the most naive souls that “Swish Swish,” isn’t about Taylor Swift, but now that she’s said it’s about something else entirely, the central mystery of the song is gone.

Now it’s just an empty club banger we’ll probably forget about as soon as the next “Bad and Boujee” drops.

What a missed opportunity, Katy.

Although on the bright side, way to keep actively proving the Met Gala curse theory is real.

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