Katy Perry’s Leaked Super Bowl Song: Plus Our Dream Halftime Setlist

It seems no one is safe these days from leaked tracks. The latest victim? Katy Perry. Her new song, written for her halftime Super Bowl performance featuring Lenny Kravitz, just made it’s way onto the internet and it’s glorious. Oh yeah, it’s also fake. Tim Heidecker, part of the oddball comedy duo Tim & Eric, posted the track which features an impostor Katy singing, “I’m Katy Perry. I’m hairy and scary” and ends with a hype repetition of “football, Super Bowl.” Go sports. While we’re totally bummed to not have a true Katy Perry jam, this is comedy gold. Only a few short days until we get the real deal and we have curated a dream Katy Perry halftime setlist. Take a listen (and we totally understand if a full-on dance party ensues).

*Katy Perry Leaked Super Bowl Song*

Our dream (real) Katy Perry Halftime Setlist

“Dark Horse”

“California Gurls”

“Waking Up In Vegas”

“Last Friday Night”

“I Kissed A Girl”

There’s no way she’s getting away with this one on primetime but wouldn’t it be spectacular if she did?!


A perfect, inspirational end to the halftime hurrah.

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