Of Course, Katy Perry Is The New Face Of Moschino

In case you haven’t heard, Katy Perry is the new face of Jeremy Scott’s Moschino.  Yesterday, the singer revealed a new photo from that campaign every hour on the hour, a feat that was certainly impressive (did she set an alarm, or did she just get John Mayer to do it for her as part of his bad boyfriend penance?) but it was hardly surprising.

See Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott?  Let’s just say that the two go waaaaaaaay back.

Here’s a photo from them in 2011 at the launch of Jeremy Scott’s ‘Addidas Is All In‘ Campaign.


And here they are in their Wild Wild West finest celebrating Katy’s birthday that year.


Clearly, the two artists are close.  You don’t pull our your speedos for just any old biddie you met at a bar.

And over the course of this last year, Katy and Jer-Jer seem to have gotten even closer.  Jer-Jer was there when his girl Katie got asked to headline the iconic Super Bowl halftime show, offering to design each and every one of Katy’s outfits.  Even though he wanted to be up there on the stage so badly (he knew that Left Shark would crack under the pressure), Jer-Jer decided at the last minute to give the guy the benefit of the doubt.  We all know how that one turned out.


R.I.P. Left Shark – you’re probably in a can of tuna somewhere now.

And a little over a month ago, not only did Jer-Jer design Katy’s Met Gala dress, but he even tried his his hand as Perry’s date for the evening, and proved to be the most gallant of gentlemen.


To sum it up, they’re BFFs.  Of course he tagged her to be the face of his fall-winter line.

Check out the rest of Katy Perry’s looks from her stunning Moschino ad campaign below and raise a glass of whatever you’re drinking to friendship.  You never know when it’ll come in handy.





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