Katy Perry had a “weird” dream about Selena Gomez

In one last act to try and get people as obsessed with “Witness” as she is, Katy Perry decided to live stream her entire weekend, starting Friday morning.

And if you’re wondering WTF that would look like, I’ll tell you that when I first tuned in this morning, Katy was “sleeping” in bed while a domino artist made an incredibly intricate replica of Katy’s “Witness” artwork downstairs.

Anyway, after Katy woke up, but before she set her intention for the day — don’t ask — she let us all know about a dream she had about her “friend” Selena Gomez.

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“Guys, I’m gonna tell you my dream last night,” Katy enthusiastically gushed at the camera. “It’s so weird.”

To be honest, I didn’t think Selena and Katy were really friends given the whole Taylor Swift situation but Selena did spend her Fourth of July singing Katy Perry songs, soooooo, sure. They’re friends. I’ll buy it.

Anyway, here’s Katy’s weird dream, complete with a very long tangent about Petra Collins, where Katy says Petra’s name six times in less than a minute.

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“I had a dream that I was on a road trip with Selena Gomez – hi, Selena. And we were talking about this weekend for some weird reason, and she was talking about Petra Collins. And I love Petra Collins. And it’s somebody she works with all the time, now. I’ve been a big fan for Petra for years. My best friend Shannon Woodword introduced me to Petra Collins and Petra’s now just like the coolest. She does all the Gucci campaigns and shoots all the cool girls and I’ve always wanted to work with her. Anyways, she was talking about Petra and we were hanging out. And then she was talking about her boyfriend Abel, who’s great. And we were just hanging out in like, a motel. And we had a sleepover, but we slept in different rooms. And that was my dream.”

Okay, Katy.

Good luck with your life, girl.

And by all means, if you’d like to tune in to watch a few minutes, or hours, of Katy’s livestream, tune in here.

You won’t be disappointed. Trust.

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