Katy Perry & Calvin Harris Probs Wrote a Petty Song About Taylor

Good news, Taylor Swift.

Your ex pal and your ex bae got together to write a song, and it’s probs-def about you.

Isn’t life fun?

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Today on Twitter, Calvin Harris announced he was coming out with a new album he wanted the world to care about.

While the album promises collabs with pretty much every musician who’s relevant in pop culture today, the one that’s got people practically pissing their pants is Katy Perry.

Not because the world is foaming at the mouth for another Katy Perry song – they’re about to get a whole frickin album, they’re fine – but because of the one very important person Calvin and Katy have in common: Taylor Swift.

Namely, they both have reasons to low key hate her.

Granted, their song together could be about pretty much anything, but if either one of them was using their noggin in the studio, it’ll be about Taylor Swift.

Or at least the lyrics should be vague enough where it looks like the song could maybe be about Taylor Swift.

Because unless the song is a certified banger, Taylor’s the only thing that’ll make it a hit.

So fingers crossed somebody in the studio was letting their petty flag fly.

Until June 30th, fam.

[H/T NY Mag]

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