Bikini Season Body Tips From Fit Queen Katrina Brodsky

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Since the sun has been coming out and the clothes have been coming off, bikini bodies are on our brains. There’s nothing like playing a real deal sport to get in shape (none of this timing yourself on the treadmill shit), so we hit up fashion blogger and golf enthusiast Katrina Brodsky for her tips on holding your own in the male dominated fitness world. Katrina revealed her easiest healthy munchies and her biggest workout secret.

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What’s your earliest athletic memory and what lead to your love of golf and fitness?

I’ve always been very athletic and took up a ton of sports growing up. I had two older brothers, so I was a huge tomboy at a very early age, which meant taking up every sport imaginable: skiing, snowboarding, dirt biking, horseback riding, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf, you name it! I vaguely remember being the only girl on an all boys baseball league when I was 5 – I was running to second and the boy wasn’t running to third, so I screwed it and ran past him to make a home run. We have this all on video, so you can only imagine the laughing involved.

When I was three I started camp at my country club, which was big in tennis, golf, and swimming. I chose tennis and took it up full time, but golf was always something my dad and I would enjoy doing together. He’s always playing – I owe my natural swing to him!

Looking back I do regret not taking up golf full time because I know 100% I would’ve gotten much much further. I guess you’re never too old to work up to the LPGA (JK, I wish…) I now play 2-3 times a week and am slightly addicted. The first thing I want to do when I get off of work or on the weekends is hit the driving range or go play a round. I’m lucky my boyfriend enjoys it as much as I do. If we aren’t playing it, we’re watching it.

How is it being one of the only females on the male-dominated golf course?

I’m used to being a guy’s girl, because I grew up with older brothers and was always around a bunch of boys. That’s usually the case on the course, besides the occasional ‘good girl’. I have to admit, I like it because it challenges me. But it’s even better to surprise because looks can be very deceiving. I’ve come to terms: I’m a dude in a chick’s body, so I run with it any chance I get. Don’t get me on the pool or ping pong table – that’s where I dominate.

What’s your absolute favorite workout to do in the gym?

I live in LA, so I’m not a believer in paying to workout indoors. I’m not one for cardio because I lose weight easily, so this Tracy Anderson Youtube video is my go-to along with squats, push-ups, and stretching. I try to workout at least 20 minutes a day. It might not seem like a lot, but it works for me and I would rather be consistent than sporadic. This might come as a shock, but I’m a bottomless pit and eat a ton, so my #1 is toning what is already there!

Your food porn is to die for. Can you give us a quick and easy recipe for when you’re on the go?

My post workout go-to on the run snack is this glorious yet simple smoothie: pitaya, almond milk, and peanut butter with a splash of protein! Another I drink daily is The Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond with a splash of honey and milk. I don’t drink coffee, so this a great substitute for that caffeine fix.

What are diet tips you’d like to share?

The biggest tip I live by is to indulge in moderation. Also, you’ll never see me take part in juice cleanses. Folks, they’re not good for you or healthy.

What are your steps to achieving a bikini-ready body?

If you’re not a diehard and aren’t into paying to workout, then these are for you: Squats, Tracy Anderson, swapping your desk chair for a core fitness ball, a good tan and last but not least – COCO OIL. Oil makes all the difference.

How does your love of fashion interact with your love of fitness? 

I think they go hand in hand. I have a bit of a tomboy aesthetic which is a big factor in my love for fitness, and my workout attire carries over into my daily style naturally. I would pick a trainer over a heel any day of the week, and am also a big fan of dressing up my workout clothes with a leather jacket – it’s so basic and simple yet sexy. I’m inspired by athletics and even more inspired by a healthy and voluptuous body.

What’s your post workout beauty regimen?

I’m crushing hard on Cactus beauty products at the moment. I’ll usually do the white clay mask, wash it off in the shower, throw on the gentle exfoliant, use lemon myrtle cleanser and top it off with the light balancing creme or nature’s anti-oxidant creme. For my pre workout regimen I wipe my face of all makeup with Neutrogena makeup remover pads, it’s the biggest prevention in breakouts, so remember to do it.

The best healthy snack for a boss lady on the go?

Avocado toast on sourdough with Lawry’s salt and Cholula.

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