Brit Blogger Katie Cooper Shares The Best Of European Products

Sometimes, you have to get out of Ulta and reach across the pond for some fresh beauty recommendations. Honestly, there’s only so much you can accomplish with trip after trip to the same department stores with the same beauty counters. We’ll never stop loving NARS and Smashbox, but we needed a little newness in our makeup cabinets, so we searched all the way across the Atlantic to get some of Brit blogger Katie Cooper‘s best European beauty tips. Checkout these brands, brushes, and beauty trends that are sweeping the UK!


What products do you have in England that we have yet to hop on in America?

My favorite brand is quite new. It’s called Illamasqua and it launched in November 2008. It’s available in all the big department stores. It’s very long lasting make up–all their foundations, eyeshadows, and lipsticks.  It was originally made for theater, but now it’s as popular as MAC in the UK. You’ll find the regular girl wearing Illamasqua because it’s so long lasting. To create my eyebrow look I use three of their products: white concealer around my eyebrow, eyebrow cake, which is a product that’s amazing and makes your brows last forever. Lastly, I use their newest product which is brow gel to finish it out. It makes your eyebrows really stand out. They do makeup brushes and everything that MAC does. My favorite lipstick of theirs is called “Apocalips“, which is sort of a teal-blue that lasts forever.

Whoa! So when you are wearing blue lips do you wear a more understated look for eyes?

Yeah, I go for a brown or nuetral to let it stand out. You can even wear it for every day that way, as long as you balance it out properly.

What other British makeup brands do you love?

A classic high street make up brand from the UK is Rimmel. I know you have it in the States, it’s the CVS type brand that has ultra-cheap makeup. Their Kate Moss lipsticks and their mascaras are amazing for the price, but you should really only use them if you take care of your skin.  The best designer British brand is Burberry. The Burberry BB cream is to die for, and I love their foundation if you’re looking to spend a little extra.

Why did you decide to skitch up your skincare routine? Why wasn’t your old one working?

I live for my foundation, which is by Estee Lauder. It’s the thickest one you can buy: I’ve gone out on nights and not gone home until the next morning, and everyone still says my make up looks like I’ve just done it. But it’s so thick that your skin can’t breathe.

You can’t tell right now because I’ve got a bit of a tan, but I have very mild rosacea on my cheeks. I used to use make up wipes to remove my make up because they’re convenient, right? Normal drug store make up wipes contain a crazy amount of chemicals that not good for your skin at all. I noticed my skin started to get worse, so I decided to start using more natural make up removers. I got a new make up remover by Garnier Simply Essentials range. It’s got loads of oil in it, which removes all your makeup.

How do you get the makeup remover oil off?

To get the grease off I follow that with Lush’s 9 to 5 cleanser and wipe it off with a warm wet cloth. Lush is another British brand which I am obsessed with right now, I can’t stop using it! It’s all natural, much more gentle on your skin. My boyfriend even noticed the difference right away! He said, “Your face doesn’t look as angry! It doesn’t look as red”. When your boyfriend notices, that’s when you know it’s working.

What’s your skincare process after cleansing?

I use Lush Imperialis Moisturizer at night time to keep all the moisture in my skin. Apparently it has really rare minerals. This has been working a dream! I also exfoliate once/twice a week to stop my skin from breaking out. I also use Lush Cupcake Fresh facemask to pull out all the dirt, you can actually see the dirt coming off your skin!

Does Lush do makeup too? I’ve only used their bathbombs!

Oh really? To let you in on a secret with that, get something heavy, like a hammer, give the bath bomb a little tap and watch it break into pieces. Then just use a little bit at a time to get your money’s worth. I used to just put the whole thing, but this way you can use it a few times.

Anyway, to answer your question, Lush does do natural makeup. I don’t usually use it, because I like the department store brands. However, they do nice lip tints with natural, beautiful colors. Maybe for the daytime if you don’t want to do a full face and spend all that time doing foundation and contour just to go to work or something.

Will contouring ever not be a thing?

Contouring can’t not be a thing! It is something I discovered when I was about 18 and I’m 23 now. I’ve been modeling since I was 16, and I’ve picked up tips from amazing make up artists on how to do it! I use a very light brown MAC blusher called Harmony and a MAC angle brush number 168 to complete the look!

But another new British line I’m loving is called PixiWoo, which was started by two twin sisters who used to do beauty tutorials on YouTube. It’s a line of makeup brushes, which are so soft. They’re as good as MAC, as good as Chanel, as good as anything. You can get a full set of them for 26 pounds.

What’s the best tip you’ve ever gotten from a makeup artist, other than how to contour?

How to clean your brushes! People spend a bunch on brush cleaner, but it lasts a lot longer and works just as well if you dilute it down with water and a little dish soap. I swear by this secret!

What’s your go-to makeup look for Spring and Summer?

This spring I’ve been really into my neutral browns, Wedge from MAC is my favourite brown eyeshadow. I recently bought Amber Lights, also by MAC, which is a shimmery amber orange. Going into Summer I will be buying some brighter colours. I always wear pink lipsticks in the summer, like MAC’s Impassioned or Topshop’s All About Me!

You recently got back from Turkey! What type of beauty looks are people rocking over there? 

A lot of the ladies in Turkey wore natural looks. They never have to wear foundation, just usually lips and eyes because their skin is so perfect. I found myself wearing less and less make up at night as the week went on. I dropped the eyeliner and stuck to just mascara with a bright lip. My skin is lovely and golden from the trip, but I can feel it getting worse now that I’m back in the UK.

Did you discover any new, cool products in Turkey?

I did! I was lucky enough to have a spa in my hotel, especially because I had left my cleanser and exfoliating face wash at home. My face was starting to break out so bad! So I did a natural mud bath with mud from the Earth, a sulfur bath which stank but left me feeling smooth, and they very kindly gave me a product called Morfose Apricot Natural Face & Body Scrub. It smells amazing, and leaves your face feeling so smooth. It has a lot less chemicals in it than the face washes you buy here or in the States. I’ll be sad when I’ve used it all up!

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