Kathryn Dean Shows Us Her Crazy Side

Kathryn Dean may look like an American sweetheart but she sings like one badass babe. While putting the finishing touches on her debut record, Kathryn took the time to tell us about her wild side, beauty secrets and the men who always have a place on her #mcm. Get to know this sultry singer before she’s a true bonafide pop princess.

Galore - Mag - Kathryn Dean - I'll Show You Crazy

We love “I’ll Show You Crazy” – tell us about recording your new record.
It’s been a really fun process, we just finished a few weeks ago…The new songs definitely reflect another side of me both as a songwriter and as a singer so I’m really excited for everyone to hear them finally.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?
There’s too many to decide. I’m almost afraid to incriminate myself. It might be better not to say. I’ve definitely pulled some crazy stuff. The other thing I should say too is that I have this really creepy stalker memory. People will tell me things and I’ll just remember but they won’t remember they told me. So that’s gotten me in some weird situations. They’re like, “wait, why do you know that?” I’m just like, “Uh, I don’t know…” I definitely love pulling shenanigans though.

When do you feel your sexiest?
Onstage. The one place where people are definitely watching and judging me is actually the place I feel the most free and confident. It’s just a great feeling.

Galore - Mag - Kathryn Dean - I'll Show You Crazy

Do you have any new covers up your sleeve (maybe some Charli XCX or Lana Del Rey)?!
We’re actually doing these 15 second instrument covers. So we did “Blame” by Calvin Harris and John Newman, “Taking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and we definitely have more up our sleeve. I think if I recall we have Charli XCX as well.

What are some beauty routines and trends that you live by?
I call it a fun-bun: basically you twist your hair into a bun. I’ll do that when my hair is wet and I’ll take it out and it falls into these nice curls. My hair is naturally curly too. It’s nice because it takes zero effort and then when you take it down it looks like you actually put some time into it. A nice little trick. Also, I could pretty much live at Sephora. I have a problem, I’ll admit it. I love putting on makeup and getting my makeup done. I’m definitely girly in that aspect.

Who would make your #mcm?
The list is really long and there’s different crushes: professional and personal. Professional crush, because I think they’re amazing: Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran. Personal crush: obviously Ryan Gosling, that’s not even fair. Definitely, Chris Hemsworth. Also, People always has it really down with their “sexiest man alive” choices.

Galore - Mag - Ryan Gosling

How are you owning 2015?
I’ve got my album, I’m doing a lot more shows, hopefully another video…I have an amazing team and an amazing band so I’m excited to see how everything plays out.

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