Baby Faced Beauty: Pictures From Kate Moss’ First Photoshoot…EVER!

Pictures of a young Kate Moss are set to show at a new exhibition at London’s Lawrence Alkin Gallery, opening on October 31! Shot by photog David Ross, the pics were taken of the then 14-year-old future supermodel for his friend, Sarah Doukas, who had just started one of biggest modeling agencies today, Storm Models. See the snaps below!

Kate-Moss-3-Vogue-17Oct13-David-Ross_b Kate-Moss-2-Vogue-17Oct13-David-Ross_b Kate-Moss-1-Vogue-17Oct13-David-Ross_b Kate-Moss-6-Vogue-17Oct13-David-Ross_b Kate-Moss-5-Vogue-17Oct13-David-Ross_b Kate-Moss-4-Vogue-17Oct13-David-Ross_b

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